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Propane Safety Tips and Products


Properly handled, propane is one of the most efficient fuels there is. However, as with any flammable or combustible material, propane safety is essential. This is why we at forkliftaccessories offer a number of propane safety products to our customers. Among the products specifically related to propane safety included in our catalog are inexpensive yet potentially life saving items such as lock-out tags to prevent accidental use of damaged cylinders; leak detection compound to discover the source of leaks; and the popular Cylinder Exchange Training Program that includes videos, study materials and everything else you and your crew need to understand everything about propane safety.lock-out tags


In addition to a category dedicated to propane safety, you will find many other products on this site that enhance propane and workplace safety. For example, have a look at all of our safety signs. In addition to a "NO SMOKING Propane Changing" sign, there are many other highly visible signs that have a place in any safety conscious work environment. Also have a look at our Facility and Product Protection pages, where you'll find products such as non-skid floor coating, which can prevent innumerable mishaps and accidents in the busy workplace.


While no substitute for a full propane safety training program such as you will find in our forklift training materials, these propane safety tips cover some of the main things to keep in mind when working around propane cylinders.


Propane Safety Tips


no smoking propane changing signA detectable and unpleasant odor has been added to propane for propane safety. If you detect this odor, it is a warning sign that propane is escaping. For maximum propane safety, do not operate any equipment or even turn on or off any electrical switches. First evacuate the premises and shut off the valve attached to the propane tank. Until the source of the odor has been detected, the leak fixed and the fumes dissipated, the premises should remain vacated.


There are many types of propane safety holding and transporting devices available. Some of these include non-sparking aluminum storage cages and special LPG and propane safety pallets that hold cylinders securely when they are being transported. For optimum propane safety, store it in a well-ventilated area or outdoors and transport it using one of these propane safety pallets.


Remember, too, that propane emits harmful carbon monoxide. For your propane safety, always use propane in well-ventilated areas.


Propane safety is the responsibility of everybody in the workplace. Teach all staff how to detect the odor of propane and what propane safety procedures to take in case of a leaking propane cylinder. If everyone does their part, then your propane safety is assured.