Worn or Broken Forklift Seats Put Your Business at Risk

Forklift seats don’t do any heavy lifting, pushing, or moving of pallets or supplies. But they take more abuse than any other part on your forklift.

That’s because forklift seats are where the operator meets machine. Busy forklift operators are constantly in motion, jumping in and out of their cabs, twisting and turning to see where they are going, and standing and sitting in order to maintain a clear line of sight.

The constant rubbing, pounding, and twisting on forklift seats takes its toll. More than any other part of your forklift, the seat is the most likely to wear out first.

Forklift Seats — Dangers of Worn or Broken Seats

The problem with driving a forklift that has worn, broken, or uncomfortable seats is that it doesn’t take a very long time before they start to affect the driver’s productivity. Depending on how bad a condition the seat is in, driving a forklift for just a few minutes can be enough to make the driver uncomfortable.

Continuing to sit on a forklift seat that is in less than ideal condition can lead to long-term health issues for operators, including back problems, which can lead to lost work time, higher workmen’s compensation claims, and even higher turnover at your company.

Forklift seats that are worn or broken also can lead to lost productivity. Workers who aren’t happy with their work conditions aren’t going to work as hard as they can for your company. They may look for shortcuts or other ways to reduce the amount of time they spend in the saddle.

That means more problems for management, lost production, and even a higher risk of accidents, injuries, or damaged products.

Forklift Seats — An Easy Solution

Fortunately, forklift seats are one of the easiest parts to replace. Whether you purchase a universal seat or the seat that was specifically designed for your make and model of forklift, in most cases a qualified forklift mechanic can remove the worn or broken seat and install the new one in a matter of minutes.

That means your forklift operator can get back on the job in comfort, restoring maximum efficiency to your operation.

So if your drivers are putting their health and your operation at risk by dealing with broken, worn, or uncomfortable forklift seats, make the change that will put the power back into your operation. Get new replacement forklift seats from ForkliftAccessories.com.


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