When Is It Time to Replace Your Forklift Seat?

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A forklift operator needs to be seated in comfort. The typical operator will be in and out from behind the wheel numerous times throughout a work day and that creates wear and tear. The damage effects the comfortably which means a replacement forklift seat is in order.

Determining when it’s time to get a new replacement for your forklift seat is usually instinctive. Your body’s own natural senses will tell you when it’s time to begin shopping for a new forklift seat.

Seeing is Believing

The first is your sense of sight. You can often see when a forklift is worn, damaged, and needs to be replaced. The fabric may be torn, peeling or worn. There may be stuffing leaking out of the seat’s bottom or back, especially along the edges. Springs could be pushing their way out of the seat.

Conducting a visual inspection of the entire forklift — including the condition of the seat — should be a pre-shift requirement every time the forklift is used. Inspections help you identify problems before they can become serious.

A visual inspection also can let you know when its time to start shopping for a forklift replacement seat.

Hear That?

Your sense of hearing also can tell you when it’s time to get a new seat for your forklift. When springs become worn, they squeak. This is caused by several factors. The metal that makes up the springs becomes weakened. The connections between the springs and the

This is caused by several factors. The metal that makes up the springs becomes weakened. The connections between the springs and the seat’s interior frame can become worn or broken. And, if the seat has become damp, rust can form on the metal, causing friction while the operator is bouncing up and down on the seat while driving the forklift.

A Pain in the …

The most common sense that lets you know it’s time for a new forklift seat is your sense of touch.

Riding on a forklift seat that is worn, broken, failing results in a less comfortable ride. Operators may even complain about pain or injuries caused by exposed springs, decreased support, and inadequate shock absorption.

The Duct Tape Test

Another way to tell if it’s time to replace your forklift seat is to use the “Duct Tape Test.”

If your seat has been patched, repaired or is being held together by duct tape, it’s probably time to consider replacing it. Duct tape is a wonderful tool for short-term repairs, but it doesn’t address the underlying problems with your forklift seat.

In fact, relying on duct tape can make th situation worse. Here’s why …

A Sound Business Decision

Keeping a forklift with a worn or broken seat in service is not only uncomfortable, it can also lead to decreased productivity.

A happy, comfortable forklift operator is a more efficient and productive worker. If driving your vehicle causes your drivers physical pain or exhaustion, they aren’t going to be able to work as hard or as long.

While scheduled maintenance is good for things like oil changes, recharging batteries, and tire rotation, it’s not necessarily the right approach for seat replacement. Depending on the quality of your forklift, how frequently your vehicle is used, and what type of pounding the seat takes while the forklift is in operation, a standard forklift seat can last anywhere from a year or two to a decade.

Relying on your physical senses to tell you when its time to replace your forklift seat makes … well, sense!


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