What’s In Your Forklift Log Book?

Forklift Log BoopkForklifts need be inspected prior to every shift. It’s not just a good idea, it’s also the law.

Forklift inspections are part of the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s regulations for the safe operation of any powered lift truck. And while many businesses perform inspections infrequently — or not at all — your business may be required to provide proof that these inspections have been conducted consistently in the wake of a forklift accident resulting in the injury or death of an employee.

If you can’t produce verified inspection logs, your business could face fines, penalties, damage to its reputation, and even criminal prosecution.

Maintaining Forklift Logs

While OSHA requires forklift inspections, it does not advocate a standardized form that needs to be filled out prior to every shift. You can create your own inspection form, download from the internet, or ask the place where you bought or leased your forklift to recommend one to you.

As long as you are able to prove to OSHA that your forklift operators consistently inspected their vehicles prior to every shift for damage, repair issues, and other problems, you meet your legal obligations.

Forklift logs kits available from ForkliftAccessories.com contain pre-made checklists that include everything you be in compliance with the law. They include easy-to-use safety checklists that drivers can fill out quickly and completely with minimum time away from their job.

Forklift Repair Request Form

Forklift logs also include Forklift Repair Request Forms that can be filled out by operators on the spot to notify management of mechanical problems with their vehicles.

This helps improve communication between shifts about problems with specific forklifts, as well as creating a permanent record about when and where problems were first spotted.

If the mechanical problems require immediate repair, the forklift logs also include lockout tags that can be used to tag out the vehicle for safety. Lockout tags let other operators know that damaged or broken vehicles cannot be safely used until repairs are made, improving workplace safety and protecting the forklifts from further damage.

Vehicle Mounted

For added convenience, forklift logs are stored in a durable, highly visible storage case that fan be easily mounted anywhere on the vehicle using double-sided tape. Operators will always have immediate access to the inspection forms they need without having to go looking for them.

Forklift Accessories has forklift log kits available for a variety of vehicle types, including propane counterbalance, electric counterbalance, electric pallet truck, electric reach trucks and more.

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