What Does ‘Wet Forklift Hire’ Mean, And Should Our Warehouse Do It?

What is a “Wet Forklift Hire?” No it doesn’t mean washing a forklift before you rent it. What it does mean is hiring a forklift along with the driver for a short period of time. It is a concept that is currently being used in Australia.

It can prove to be a good alternative for a warehouse that needs an additional forklift for just a short period of time or even just a one-off scenario. It could work because you don’t have to train and license or certify a new operator when you are short-term renting a forklift.

In Australia, wet hiring a forklift is done on an hourly rate and depot-to-depot basis. A wet hire forklift can be done at any time when it’s necessary. So if you discover one day that you could use an additional forklift for a short time, then there is a cost-effective option.

Why Do A Wet Forklift Hire?

No doubt, during your many years of managing a warehouse or a forklift fleet, you have come upon times when an extra lift for just a few hours would be ideal to handle a situation. However, you may have been reluctant to do it because you’d have to take time to promote that you need to hire a driver for just a short period of time. Then there’s the interview and training and the HR process. By the time all that is done, you’ve either spent too many extra funds to make it worthwhile or there is no need for the forklift-wet hire any longer. With such an option available, you can pull the trigger the moment there’s a need.

A concept called “Wet Forklift Hire” allows a warehouse to rent a forklift along with the driver.
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The operator that comes with the lift is fully trained and licensed and has knowledge of all the current OSHA safety regulations. The result is that the job is done quickly and safely in an efficient manner and avoiding the need to hire an insufficient driver who could cause an accident on the job.

Forklift dealers in Australia offer forklift-wet hires. This prevents the need for the long process of sourcing a forklift and driver on your own when those quick jobs you otherwise can’t handle spring up.

What To Expect With A Wet Forklift Hire

In a wet forklift hire, a dealer who provides the service delivers a forklift and driver to your worksite. It is available 24/7. So you can order it literally any time you need it.

The driver that comes along with the forklift has all the skills and knowledge you would want a forklift operator to have including:

• Having a full knowledge of forklift operation.
• Checking out the worksite to familiarize himself with the task at hand.
• Licensed or certification to drive a forklift with knowledge of all the safety regulations to preserve a safe working environment.

The wet hire is on the premise until the job is completed and then he and the forklift will leave the site.

Assuring The Best Wet Forklift Hire Results

You are required to brief the forklift driver on the task at hand before he begins the job. You should also expect to give the driver time to familiarize himself with your site so that he knows how best to handle the job. You can inspect the area the task is to be performed with the driver so that you can answer any questions he may have.

Once the job is done you can debrief the driver to confirm that the task has been completed satisfactory and fill out any work-related paperwork.

(Source: Forkliftaction.com)

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