Tough Multi-Purpose Forklift Built for All Terrain Conditions

Photo courtesy of Bomaq

Photo courtesy of Bomaq

A Spanish forklift manufacturer is building a line of tough, all-terrain forklifts that are designed to operate in the toughest and most extreme conditions in the world.

The MP Series of lift trucks — built by Bomaq, a forklift company headquartered in Lorqui, Spain — are practically impossible to tip over, even while carrying a full load up an uneven in gradient.

These tight, compact machines also have an exceptionally high clearance —  9.8 inches — and a tight turning radius of just 8 to 10 feet.

Built for Toughest Conditions

The concept behind Bomaq’s MP Series was to create a line of forklifts that could be driven in any imaginable conditions — from the sub-zero temperatures of the Arctic to the sweltering heat of the Sahara Desert — without any affect on performance.

Available in both two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, the forklifts are built with heavy-duty parts and components that are designed to stand up to the most rigorous conditions.

They also feature a high-performance filtration system so they won’t become clogged easily when working in dusty or sandy workplaces. Yet the filters are all easily accessible so they can be quickly switched out to get the vehicles back into service faster.

The forklifts have a hydrostatic transmission that is built by Linde, and wet multidisc service and parking brakes.

Isolated Cabin

A forklift is only as tough as the driver operating it. So the Bomaq MP Series line of forklifts have a sealed cabin with rubber silent blocks to create a near impermeable capsule in which operators can remain comfortable in extreme heat and cold, rain, snow, and sandstorms.

Plus, the forklifts run quietly. All feature hydraulic silent blocks in the engine mountings and high-capacity mufflers that keep engine noise to a minimum.

Within the cabin, the controls are high-tech and of advanced design. The vehicles feature the type of tiltable steering wheel found in most modern forklifts, but they also have shift buttons that are integrated into two proportional joysticks that control four separate valves.

Three Different Sizes

Bomaq’s MP Series features three different size forklifts.

The B30 three-ton forklift is the smallest and easiest to maneuver.

The B50 is a five-ton unit that can easily fit into a 20-foot cargo container for easy transport. It’s known for its quiet, powerful yet precise operation.

A third model, the B70, is still in development and is expected to be introduced into the global market later this year.

Limited Distribution

Bomaq forklifts currently are available in only a few select markets, including Africa and Australia.

In building its heavy-duty, all-terrain forklifts, the Spanish lift truck maker uses parts made by some of the most well-known names in the industrial truck industry, including Perkins, Parker, and Manulli.

While the Bomaq brand may not be very well known, by continuing to make tough and ready vehicles like the MP Series, it’s a name to watch out for.

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