Top Tips for Saving Money on Forklift Replacement Seats

Photo by Dirkgeo (via Wikimedia Commons)

Photo by Dirkgeo (via Wikimedia Commons)

Forklift seats are one of the most frequently replaced parts on any forklift. That’s because they take most of the abuse in practically any operation.

So buying forklift replacement seats is unavoidable for most businesses. Whether you own a single forklift or run an entire fleet of lift trucks, at some point or another you probably are going to have to go shopping for a new seat to replace one that is broken, worn, or outdated.

The problem is that forklift replacement seats aren’t cheap. You can spend hundreds of dollars for a good one that will provide you years of service.

Buying a cut-rate forklift replacement seat may seem like a good idea at the time. But in the long run, it’s going to cost you in terms of worker complaints, injuries, and even workplace accidents caused by uncomfortable or unsafe seats.

Still, it is possible to save some money when buying forklift replacement seats while not compromising quality.

Buy in Bulk

If you are buying one forklift replacement seat, it’s often a good idea to get two. Or three. Or even more.

That’s because many retailers will offer a discount if you buy in bulk. And if you know you are going to have to replace the seat again sometime in the future and you have the storage space to hold on to the spare seats until you need them, it could make economic sense to double down on your purchase.

Use the Same Seat in Every Forklift

If possible, stick to one model of forklift seat. That way, when a seat needs to be replaced you can switch out one from a vehicle that may be inactive due to repairs or seasonality.

Also, when you use the same type of forklift seat in every vehicle you own, it makes even more sense to buy in bulk at a discounted rate.

You have to be careful, however, because forklift replacement seats aren’t universal. Make sure the seat you choose is compatible with the forklifts in your fleet.

If you have different brands and models of forklifts, you may not be able to use the same replacement seat in all of them.

Shop Online for the Best Deal

The best way to save money is to comparison shop. Once you find the type of forklift replacement seat you want, make sure to visit

We’ve got all the most popular brands of forklift replacement seats available today, as well as the best prices.

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