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Tips Concerning Forklift Battery Maintenance

Perhaps the most important part on an electric forklift is the battery. Without it the lift is useless. So, obviously, properly maintaining it can mean the difference between an efficient and productive workday and a lost day due to battery problems.

One of the most important aspects of battery maintenance is making sure that it is properly charged. Properly maintaining a forklift battery limits costs because exchanging out for a new one can be expensive. In addition, proper maintenance ensures safer operation.

You may or may not be aware that a typical forklift battery offers about 1,500 charging cycles during its lifetime. Proper battery maintenance requires proper charging of the battery once every workday for a full year, then it will last for about five years.

Providing proper battery maintenance is not a haphazard activity. A plan is required to ensure you get the most from it day after day.

Here are five tips to help in your battery maintenance plan that will optimize battery operation efficiently and safely.

• Charge the battery at the end of the day.
• Change the battery in a dry place.
• Allow the charger to complete charging before using the battery.
• Maintain proper fluid levels.
• Keep the battery clean.

Charge The Battery At The End Of The Day

It’s efficient and it ensures that the battery gets the most out of multiple charge cycles.

Taking proper care of a forklift battery ensures a full workday for the forklift.
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Charging the battery at the end of the day assures that the forklift accomplishes a full day’s work without down time and is fully charged and ready for work the next day. It also helps to keep the battery in good condition.

Change The Battery In A Dry Place

Since a battery is susceptible to oxidation and rust, you avoid possible harm when you exchange batteries in a well ventilated, dry and cool place.

Allow the charger to complete charging before using the battery

Once the charging process has started, don’t interrupt it until the battery is fully charged. An early disconnect results in a less than optimum battery that won’t perform to its capability.

Maintain proper fluid levels

Maintaining the correct fluid levels of the battery ensures its health. If fluid levels drop too low, the plates will be unprotected from the air causing major damage.

It’s recommended that you top off the fluid levels about every 10 charges. It’s best to top off after the charge, not before.

Keep The Battery Clean

Rinsing the battery every six months or even more frequently if necessary will prevent build up of accidental acid spills and prevent long term problems.

If you’re good to the battery, your forklift will benefit.


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