Three Is Greater than One Forklift Attachments

Three specialized forklift attachments can triple the power and versatility of your forklift vehicle.

TRIPLE-DEEP PALLET TELESCOPIC FORKThe first are three-deep pallet telescopic forks that are manufactured by TIAS. The specialized forks come in a single-tine, single-plate version that can be configured for all standard types of enclosed pallets because it has a wide-variable upper part. But it also comes in a two-tine version that can be used to store pallets laterally, up to three levels deep.

When you use these two types of telescopic forks, you can enlarge the storage volume of your vehicle up to 30%, thus reducing your costs per storage compartment.

Triple Tine Grappler Forklift Attachment

The second type of specialized forklift attachment is a triple tine mechanical grappler made by Kenco. This forklift lift attachment has three points of grip contact that make it easy to lift irregular shaped objects, such as boulders.

The triple tine mechanical lift’s design allows for a wide range of grip capability and comes in three different versions. The first is a 3,000 pound capacity that grabs objects up to 30 inches. The second is a 6,000 pound capacity lift that can grab objects up to 40 inches. And the larges has a 12,000 capacity and lifts up to 60-inch objects.

One of the coolest things about the triple tine mechanical grappler is that it doesn’t require any external hydraulics because the weight of the load provides it gripping power.

Three Tines Triple Lift Capacity

The third specialized forklift attachment is a triple-wide, triple-tine device currently being used at CHEP pallet-handling centers throughout Australia.

The triple-tine forklift trucks can carry three stacks of pallets simultaneously, cutting load times by an average of 10.5 minutes compared to loading with a double-tine forklift, a 50 percent decrease. Productivity also has increased by 50 percent.

“By using a triple pallet handler attachment, we are now able to carry three stacks of pallets in a movement, compared to two stacks with the double pallet handlers,” said Mike O’Flaherty, CHEP’s regional operations manager.

The company worked with the forklift makers in designing the specialized tines, which is strong enough to handle twice the weight of double-tine forklifts. The new five ton truck is small enough to maneuver in tight work yards and has the flexibility to pick up single, double or triple pallet stacks at the same time.

“Driver acceptance has been really good,” O’Flaherty said. “Truck drivers have been commenting on the faster loading times.”

An Added Benefit

In addition to the triple tines, the new forklifts have another feature that is much appreciated by operators.

“The forklift trucks are now air conditioned,” O’Flaherty said. “In South Australia, it gets very hot in summer and air conditioning is a big plus for our staff.”

CHEP currently uses the vehicles equipped with the specialized triple tine attachments in its service center in Dandenong, which is the largest pallet yard in the Australian state of Victoria. The company plans to expand their use to its Altona facility and others throughout the country in 2015.



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