The Versatile and Affordable Forklift Attachment

There are complicated and elaborate forklift attachments that can cost thousands of dollars. Then there is the Hook Plate Swivel Hook forklift attachment.

For less than a couple of hundred dollars, this simple yet versatile forklift attachment can significantly expand the ways you can use your existing forklift to perform a variety of new jobs. It gives you more while spending less.

It’s Right There in the Name

How does the hook plate swivel hook work? Why, it’s right there in the name.

The hook plate is a simple plate that slides over the forks of your lift truck. When the forks are elevated, the swivel hook attached to the bottom of the hook plate allows you to lift payloads using rope, chains, wire, or other materials. This lets you use your forklift sort of like a crane, only without having to invest in an expensive tower or other attachment equipment.

Hook plates are one of the simplest forklift attachments. Yet they are also one of the most convenient. They let you use your forklift to lift and haul materials. And because of the swivel’s ability to spin, you can easily rotate and turn the payload that you are elevating. This makes it convenient for such tasks as repairing equipment, painting, wrapping materials, or repositioning payloads so they fit more efficiently into trucks or rail cars.

Different Sizes, Same Convenience

Hook plate swivel hook forklift attachments come in a variety of sizes, depending on your needs and the capacity of your forklift. There are smaller models for low-power electric forklifts designed to work inside warehouses and distribution centers. But there are also high-capacity hook plate swivel hook forklift attachments for heavy duty outdoor work on construction sites, mines, train yards, and other locations.

Unlike other more cumbersome forklift attachments, hook plate swivel hooks don’t add a significant amount of weight to the overall weight. Depending on their size, they may weigh only a few pounds. Even the largest ones don’t weigh more than 100 lbs. Compare that to something like a hopper attachment or a work platform, either of which could weigh hundreds of pounds that have to be subtracted from your total lift capacity before performing a single task.

If you are looking for a convenient, versatile yet affordable forklift attachment that will exponentially increase the usefulness of your lift truck without breaking your budget, consider adding a hook plate swivel hook to your equipment wish list.

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