The Multitasking Forklift

forklift hopper attachment

Forklift accessories like a hopper can help to make a forklift more productive.

You may not have thought about it, but the common, every day forklift is a lot like the Swiss Army Knife, with the right attachment it can do a plethora of tasks.

Not only can it be used to carry products to and from storage shelves, it can also be used to sweep the warehouse floor, plow away snow from the warehouse parking lot, carry trash or a lot of small items in bins or hoppers, reach products low or high on floor-to-ceiling shelves, carry pickers, and lift a variety of different items from large paper rollers to large containers. They can be used inside a warehouse, outside on a field, loading and unloading ships and railroad cars, and more.

Of course, you can’t just buy a forklift that has the capabilities mentioned here. What makes the machine so versatile are the attachments and accessories that can be purchased separately that will give the lift its ability to perform special tasks.

Forklift Accessories has a large stock of attachments and accessories that will allow a forklift to do specific missions. If your warehouse stores hazardous materials, then you can acquire a multipurpose drum lift/wrench, a horizontal drum carrier, a fork mounted drum lifter, a drum gripper, or an automatic eagle beak drum lifter that would allow a driver to carry the material to the dock for transportation or from the dock for storage.

It’s close to the end of the workday and you need to clean away debris and waste from the

A round or triangular fork extension can help a standard forklift carry odd shaped or large items.

A round or triangular fork extension can help a standard forklift carry odd shaped or large items.

floor of your warehouse. A simple hand broom can’t perform the massive task of cleaning out a multiple square-foot warehouse, but a fleet of forklifts with a magnet sweeper or sweeper attachment can perform the chore in a snap.

A surprise snowstorm has blanketed your parking lot and dock apron with snow and ice that could be hazardous for a truck or trailer driver to negotiate. Not only that, but you also expect near record numbers of trucks and trailers to pick up orders and transport them to customers in less than a day. No need to panic if you have a number of fork-mounted front loaders that can be snapped on to a few forklifts so that the snow and ice can be cleared away lickity split.

Managers have to team up pickers with forklift drivers so that orders can be picked of products that are high up on tall shelves. A fold-down work platform is the ideal attachment that can carry and raise the picker to the appropriate shelf and the appropriate height to grab the products that were ordered.

Does your warehouse store large, heavy and awkwardly shaped products that a standard fork on a lift can’t raise? There are a variety of booms Forklift Accessories have on hand that can be attached to a lift to provide the task.

forged steel fork

Forged Steel Forks Offer Great Durability

What if the standard fork on a lift can’t accommodate a large, heavy, awkwardly shaped product, but a boom would be overkill. Forklift Accessories has forklift fork extensions, roller forks, and poly fork cushion load protectors that are the perfect length and configuration to lift just about anything.

If you think about it, a forklift along with the appropriate accessories and extensions is probably the most efficient vehicle of any kind on the face of the Earth.

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