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The Forks You Need Depend on the Job at Hand

Fork Extension
(Courtesy: PalHire)

Forklift forks come in one size, shape, and type, right? Wrong!

There are actually many different types of interchangeable forklift forks that can fit on practically any forklift. The type you use depends on the job you have to do with your vehicle.

Forklift Roller Forks

For example, roller forks are designed to streamline pallet-less handlings, such as when you are using your forklift to lift large bulk sacks, slip-sheeted loads, or corrugated bundles.

One of the biggest benefits of forklift roller forks is that while they are ideal for specialized loads, they also work with standard pallets. When they are fitted on to the mast of your vehicle, you can get twice the use out of them without having to change them out between jobs.

That makes forklift roller forks versatile and convenient.

Fork Extensions

Fork extensions give any forklift a longer reach, extending the length of the forklift so that the operator can lift larger loads more safely and efficiently.

Lifting oversized loads with standard forks can increase the risk of dropping or toppling the load. But fork extensions increase the amount of underlying support for the load, allowing for the safe and simple handling of large or oddly shaped loads.

Depending on the model you choose, fork extensions can either be bolted directly to the mast or they can slip over your existing forks, attaching securely with a pin or other anchor. Or you can choose quick-fit fork extenders which simply snap over the existing forks for fast on and off installation.

Round or Triangular Fork Extensions

Another type of fork is used to transport rolled materials, such as paper, steel, and other cylindrical loads.

Round or triangular fork extension fit over existing forks to facilitate easier gripping of rolled materials. Thanks to their unique shape, rolled materials can easily fall or roll off the forks during transport the way they could if you were to try and transport using standard forks.

Cushioned Forks

Some materials require a lighter touch while being transported with a forklift. Cushioned forks add a soft protective barrier between the fork's surface and the load, preventing scratching, denting, or other damage.

Cushioned forks have a non-slip surface that helps eliminate chips, scratches, scuffs, and other potential damage that standard steel forks can cause to sensitive loads.

Not all forks are created equal. Choose the ideal type of specialized fork or fork extension for the job at hand to increase safety and efficiency.