The Forklift Carpet Pole

Carpet Pole

The forklift carpet pole is indispensable for transporting carpets and other bundles

One of the recurring themes for this blog is the importance of having the right equipment for a given job, and the forklift carpet pole is an essential tool for anyone who transports carpets or similarly-shaped bundles. Trying to transport carpet on a traditional pallet can be immensely difficult. First, it is all too easy for the carpet to become unstable and roll around. Also, it takes a great deal of time to load carpet without the carpet pole. The carpet pole, meanwhile, is safer and will save you time loading your bundled load. It has a tapered tip that slides the carpet onto the pole with the ease of sliding a hand into a glove. The tapered tip is also useful in that it keeps the pole from colliding into your load. You don’t have to worry about damaging your bundle and the pole keeps the load securely fastened after loading.

Specifications of the carpet pole

The carpet pole is available in both fork and mounted styles. Its steel construction is durable and will not destruct under the weight of massive loads. There are three sizes available, and each has a load capacity in excess of 1,500 pounds.

Another attractive feature of the carpet pole is that it changes in less than a minute. Not only does this make it easy to remove from your forklift after you are done transporting your carpet bundle, but you can place the carpet pole on a different forklift as well. This versatility makes it easy to share the carpet pole between a number of different forklifts.

Bear in mind

Be mindful that the carpet pole will increase the load center for your forklift. Because the overall load capacity decreases as the load center is increased, this means that you will have to adjust your expectations for overall load capacity accordingly. Still, the efficiency of the carpet pole allows you to transport bundles quickly and complete more trips in less time.

The carpet pole is just one forklift attachment that makes a “fork-lift” an all-around lift truck. Discover how Lift Truck Fork Attachments Give New Meaning to the Forklift on

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