Techniques for Using a Forklift Sweeper Attachment

Forklift sweeper attachments are convenient forklift tools that can help keep your warehouse, dock, or workspace clean. They are quick, helpful, and effective, using your existing forklift to clean a wide area in just a few minutes that otherwise might take hours and several workers to clean.

Most forklift sweeper attachments simply slip onto your existing forks by means of sleeves. They are then kept in place by spring-loaded pins or bolts. Removing forklift sweeper attachments is just as easy. Just lift the pins, slide the sweeper attachment off the forks, and your vehicle is ready to be returned to normal service.

Forklift Sweeper Attachment Techniques

Forklift sweeper attachments are designed to push rubbish, dirt, and debris into neat piles by means of stiff brushes similar to those found on a push broom. But unlike a broom, the forklift sweeper attachment is powered by the speed and force of the vehicle, allowing you to clean a broad area quickly and efficiently.

When you sweep an area using a broom and dustpan, typically you might push the debris materials into a central pile using a circular motion — starting from the outside and working towards the center. While that is possible with a forklift sweeper attachment, it’s usually more efficient to push debris along a straight line, lifting the forks slightly at the end of an aisle or row.

Going in both directions, the sweeper attachment can leave a line of debris at either end of the warehouse aisle or open space, doubling its efficiency. The forklift can then move to the end of the debris line and push all of the debris into a single pile, where it can be efficiently picked up with either a broom and dustpan or pushed by the forklift into a receptacle.

Forklift Sweeper Attachment Benefits

Forklift sweeper attachments offer an effective way to keep a lot of indoor or outdoor area clean using minimal time and effort. They reduce labor costs, improve sanitation, and allow you to get multiple uses out of a single piece of equipment, namely, your forklift.

In addition to forklift sweeper attachments fitted with a brush surface, there also are magnetic forklift sweeper attachments that can pick up nails, nuts, bolts, and other metal in construction sites, manufacturing facilities, and other worksites.

Whatever your cleaning needs, you can find a wide assortment of sizes and types of forklift sweeper attachments and other helpful forklift tools at the website.


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