Single-Double and Multi-Pallet Handlers Boost Productivity

Mutli Pallet Handler

Multi-Pallet Handler (Photo courtesy of Bolzoni-Auramo)

Forklift operators can double, triple or even quadruple their output by utilizing a new type of forklift attachment called multi-pallet handlers.

In 2005, Cascade introduced the single-double pallet handler, which allowed operators to lift one pallet normally, or double the size and capacity of their vehicles by expanding from two to four forks that worked side-by-side.

Now an Italian company, Bolzoni Auramo, has introduced a new type of multi-pallet handler that expands from two to four forks, six forks, or even eight forks. The new multi-pallet handlers, which are built under the Meyer brand, allow forklift drivers to lift one, two, three, or even four pallets full of products simultaneously using the same forklift.

How They Work

Single-double and multi-pallet handlers both work using the same principle. The forks are attached to a frame that resembles an accordion.

In the original position, the vehicle has two forks, just like a typical forklift. When the operator moves the switch, a hydraulic spreader separates the forks to create four, six, or eight forks, allowing the operator to lift between one to four pallets simultaneously.

Benefits of Multi-Pallet Handler Forklift Attachments

The benefits of being able to lift and transport more than one pallet at the same time are obvious. Multi-pallet handler forklift attachments can double, triple or even quadruple productivity.

Rather than making four trips moving a single pallet each time, operators can now lift two, three, or even four fully-loaded pallets and move them in a single trip.

Who would want to lift multiple pallets? Practically any industry could benefit. But the makers of both the single-double and multi-pallet handler attachments specifically target the beverage industry, which routinely handles uniform pallets loaded with multiple cases of the same products.

Drawbacks of Multi-Pallet Handler Forklift Attachments

While these unique forklift attachments can allow you to boost productivity and get loading and unloading jobs done faster, they present certain challenges.

For one, carrying more than one pallet side-by-side requires significantly more clearance. And the more pallets you are carrying, the wider the aisles that are required. Forklifts fitted with the attachments that are carrying multiple pallets also would require a significantly larger turning radius.

Another challenge is the forklift’s lifting capacity. While multi-pallet handlers may give you the ability to lift two, three or four pallets simultaneously, if the total weight of those pallets exceeds the rated capacity of the forklift, it could put undue strain on the vehicle’s engine and hydraulics, increasing the risk of breakdown or failure.


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