Save Time and Money with Forklift Sweeper Attachments

Lift trucks are more likely to be found at larger warehouses, distribution centers, and loading docks than they are tiny retail storerooms or workshops. So if you use a forklift at work, odds are your workplace probably is pretty big.

There are a lot of different types of forklift attachments that let you use your vehicle to lift lots of different types of loads, including carpet pole attachments, clamps, and boom attachments.

But did you know there also is a forklift attachment that can help you keep your large workspace clean while at the same time save you money on cleaning costs?

Forklift Sweeper Attachments Safe Time

Warehouses and distribution centers can often spread out over hundreds of thousands of square feet. Some of the bigger structures being built today can exceed 1 million square feet.

Generally, the bigger the workspace, the busier it is and the more vehicular and foot traffic it supports. So keeping these vast expanses of flooring clean and efficient can sometimes be a real challenge.

Forklift sweeper attachments are tools that can be conveniently placed on the front of your forklift so you can use your existing equipment to keep your workspace clean. Many feature sleeves that slip over your lift truck’s existing forks so they can be removed and attached simply and quickly.

You can then use your forklift to clean large areas of your warehouse or distribution center in just minutes, collecting dust and debris and leaving your floor clear and ready for the next round of traffic.

Forklift Sweeper Attachments Save Money

But many forklift sweeper attachments do more than act as just a big broom. some come with friction drives, rotary brushes, and other features that allow forklifts to collect debris, polish flooring, and even dump waste quickly and conveniently.

Consider the cost of paying an hourly maintenance worker to clean your expansive floor manually. It could take hours, even days, to get the results you want.

Now compare this to the minutes it will take a forklift equipped with a forklift sweeper attachment to do the same job, only better. The cost savings in labor alone can often justify the expense of this helpful, effective forklift attachment.

Forklift Sweeper Attachments Promote Safety

Then there are the safety benefits of a forklift sweeper attachment. When busy warehouses, docks, and distribution centers are free of debris and obstructions, traffic can move more freely and safely, reducing the risk of accidents, breakdowns, and work interruptions.

A forklift sweeper attachment can help keep your large work areas cleaner, safer, and more productive at the same time.

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