Fall Protection: Safety Harness and Lanyard

safety harness and lanyard

Protect Yourself When Working Up High

In an earlier post, we reviewed rope evacuation. Now it is time we examine why the safety harness and lanyard are essential in protecting you from danger while working at tall heights.

Less effective fall protection methods

Falling accounts for 4 percent of forklift related deaths each year. While it is true that not all of these involve falling from heights over 4 feet, it is still the case that you need to exercise special caution while working from high above the ground. A fall protection harness is not mandatory by the OSHA, and this can cause forklift operators to use less-reliable protection devices (or none at all). Many people feel that they can protect themselves solely by using a forklift cage or basket, but these are simply inadequate when it comes to protecting you. Cages and baskets offer only limited access, and one can easily fall over the railing. They also lend themselves easily to misuse, as operators can be tempted to stand on them or use them for extraneous purposes.

Why the Safety Harness and Lanyard Combo is Recommended

The harness has the benefit of firmly keeping you in place. It is recommended that you spring for the Safety Harness and Lanyard Combo, as this offers excellent flexibility and security. The lanyard absorbs any shock that might occur, while the harness holds you in place. At the same time, the adjustable straps ensure that you maintain a strong ease of motion. Although the standard length for the lanyard is 6 feet, if you are looking for even greater length you should strongly consider the Retractor lanyard. A Retractor lanyard offers all of the benefits of the 6 foot lanyard, but at an expanded length of 96 feet.

Whichever lanyard model you choose, remember that it is crucial that all forklift operators are trained in how to use lanyards. A tool works effectively only if it is deployed correctly, and using the safety harness and lanyard combo will give you unsurpassed protection from injury.

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