Safely Transporting with Drum Gripper Forklift Attachments

griperTransporting drums and other related containers can be dangerous. For one, the materials inside the container may possess hazardous materials.  Drums can also be dangerous because they may be heavy.  Additionally any type of container that is cylinder-shaped can roll, making it dangerous for anyone near them.  Therefore, it is critical to ensuring Drums are properly transported in the safest manner possible.

Because handling drums can be dangerous, those transporting such containers should be properly trained.  Proper training includes understanding how to properly lift drums, as well as understanding the potential risks associated with transporting such containers, even when utilizing forklift attachments.  If the drum contains hazardous material, transporters should be properly trained in how to transport such materials, as well as in understanding the potential risks associated with such hazardous material.  Anyone using special equipment to transport drums, such as a forklift should be properly trained and certified.  This is not only important in ensuring you have a safe working environment, but also in ensuring your business is meeting all OSHA requirements.

Utilizing Drump Grippers to help transport drums and other related containers

A forklift gripper allows a forklift truck to grip, lift and transport drum containers with ease.  This not only makes transporting drum containers more simplistic, but it also transports such containers in a safer manner over using a forklift without the attachment, in which the drum barrel has the risk of falling over or rolling off the forklift.  You can go here to learn more about the Drum gripper attachments we have available on our website.

When transporting drums and other related containers with forklift attachments — such as a drum gripper—one should be properly trained in doing so.  For starters, they should know how to properly attach the forklift gripper to the forklift.  Additionally, they should understand how inspect the forklift truck and attachment prior to operation.

Properly Attaching a Forklift Gripper

While attaching the forklift gripper is very simple to do, all attachment requirements should be strictly followed.  Make sure all safety locks and handlers are mounted to help reduce the risk of a casualty occurring in the circumstance the attachment un-mounts from the forklift.  It is also important to make sure all grippers are compatible with the forklift truck it is being attached to. Additionally, make sure you follow all weight capacities that are set by both the forklift truck and the forklift gripper attachment as well.  You should also make sure the grippers meet the drum size capacity set for the containers you plan on transporting.

Proper Training of using Forklift Drum Gripper

Any forklift operator transporting drums with a forklift gripper should be properly trained in all aspects of the attachment. Make sure all operators are properly trained in properly lowering and gripping the drums, as well as how to properly lift the drums. Make sure the drum is as close to the forklift as possible when transporting. The forklift operator should also be properly trained in the necessary steps for reducing the risks of a casualty occurring.  Additionally they should be properly trained in what steps are needed to take whenever a casualty occurs.

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