Safe Operation of Forklift Work Platform Attachment

Osha_Forklift_Attachment_RequirementsWork platform attachments for forklifts attach to the forks of the vehicle and are used to elevate workers so they can perform a wide variety of jobs at a height when the forks are extended upwards.

But the safe use of forklift work platform attachments is important to avoid accidents and injuries.

Reduces Risk of Falling

The biggest risk while using a forklift work platform attachment is falling. Another potential problem is becoming pinned or trapped between moving parts of the platform while it is being elevated.

Yet forklift work platform attachments usually have wire or hard plastic barriers that prevent workers from falling out of the platform. These barriers also often are covered in mesh or other material to prevent arms, legs, feet or other body parts from extending beyond the surface of the platform to reduce the risk of crushing injuries.

Forklift work platform attachments themselves are the safer alternative to riding on the tines of forklifts or standing on pallets as they are extended upwards. These are two of the most common types of forklift-related injuries.

Platform Attachment Safety Features

Work platforms usually include duplicate independent locks so that the platform can be securely attached to the vehicles forks. These locks are clearly visible to workers riding atop the platform so that they can be assured that it is securely attached.

Forklift work platform attachments also usually come equipped with slip-resistant surfaces on the platform floor. Most also have high toe boards along all sides to prevent feet from extending beyond the platform surface.

Work platforms are designed with self-closing access gates that either slide into place or open inwards. This prevents them from being ripped off the platform or otherwise damaged when the platform is being lifted up or down. The gates also have a mechanism that allows them to be securely locked into place while the platform is in use.

Safety harnesses and lines can increase the safety of workers while they are standing on raised platforms. In some instances, they are required safety equipment.

Rated for Maximum Weight

Every platform is rated for its maximum capacity and number of riders. This can be found on the warning notice that is clearly visible to workers riding on the platform. Exceeding the weight limit or maximum number of riders — usually two — can cause the platform to fail and is unsafe.

To ensure maximum safety, the forklift operator must remain seated and at the controls of the forklift anytime the work platform attachment is being used by workers. This allows the operator to react immediately to any potential problem.

Workers should only stand on the platform and be raised and lowered at the job site. At no time should the be on the platform while it is being moved from one location to another, other than small positional adjustments.

The safe operation of a forklift work platform attachment ensures that the risk of injury or accident will be substantially reduced when employees are working at a height. Following these safety procedures guarantees the safe and efficient use of your forklift work platform attachment.

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