Protect Your Warehouse or Dock with Cushioning

As another football season gets underway, it’s time to start thinking about a good defense for your warehouse or dock.

Like a quarterback or wide receiver, the columns, walls, shelving brackets, and other areas of your facility can take a beating, especially when your forklifts, pallet jacks, and other materials handling equipment are going at full steam on busy workdays.

As any experienced football coach will tell you, the best offense is a good defense. Protect your dock or warehouse’s physical facilities with protective cushioning from

Corner Protectors

Corner protectors are made from durable, impact-resistant plastic and can be easily fitted onto corners of walls, shelving, and other areas of your warehouse or dock.

These weather-resistant protective sheathing can be used indoors are out and are made with bright colors so they can be easily seen even in dim lighting or twilight conditions.

Even a minor collision with a lift truck fork or other heavy equipment can cause substantial damage to corners, including structural damage. But corner protectors can absorb the force of impact, reducing the risk of serious damage and improving the safety of both the physical plant and the vehicle’s driver.

Corner protectors come in a variety of sizes so they can be fitted onto practically corner surface, providing maximum protection for your warehouse or dock.

Column Protectors

In many facilities, columns stand right in the middle of the day to day activities, creating a permanent hazard for materials handling equipment operators.

Experienced forklift drivers get adept at dodging columns, even if they occasionally cut it a little close. But now you can minimize the risk of damage to your vehicles and property with sturdy, shock absorbing column protectors.

Made from similar materials as corner protectors, column protectors can be wrapped all the way around columns, poles, and other support structures, minimizing the risk of damage from minor bumps and dings.

Column protectors are designed to take the brunt of the collision in order to securely protect the column or pole inside. So even if your forklift operator misjudges the distance or accidentally bumps or backs into a column, you don’t have to worry.

Like a football field on game day, your dock or warehouse sees a lot of action. When things get busy, there is bound to be some hitting.

Protect your dock, warehouse, or other physical facilities with high-impact, shock absorbing corner and column protectors.

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