Overview of the Forklift Jib

Forklifts are relatively versatile vehicles. They not only allow you to transport cargo, but are also used to lift heavy loads. Even so, forklifts are not especially nimble and it can be difficult to lift the load into a tight area or narrow opening. It is for this reason that the forklift jib is particularly useful, as they allow you to transport cargo onto roofs or other such elevated surfaces, and make loading and unloading your truck safer and easier. Most forklift jibs are accessible to all forklifts and a worthy investment for anyone who needs to lift their cargo into difficult-to-reach areas. This post explains what a forklift jib is, which types are manufactured, and how they can make the job of a forklift operator easier.

The Jib: One of the Handiest Forklift Extensions

The Jib: One of the Handiest Forklift Extensions

What is a forklift jib?

The forklift jib is attached to the blades and forks, basically transforming the forklift into a crane capable of lifting objects that are impossible for the blades to lift by themselves. This lifting capability makes the forklift capable of reaching over obstacles that would otherwise render tasks impossible. The versatility not only relates to lifting objects, but also makes the lift truck able to transport cargo below obstacles as well. They come in both telescoping and pivoting designs, but in either case, they generally have a hook (or hooks) located at one end and the jib is fitted over the two blades of the forklift.

The telescoping jib

Telescoping jibs have the advantage of allowing the forklift operator to offset the heft of the object with the weight of the lift truck. The telescoping design keeps the object further away from the lift truck itself, making it much safer to transport objects into difficult areas. The main disadvantage of the telescoping version is that they are not particularly maneuverable.

The pivoting jib

The pivoting jib is different from the telescoping jib since it is more flexible and durable (as the name would suggest.) With a pivoting model, it is easier to place cargo into tricky areas, and they are much better at simply picking up the object that needs to be transported.

Forklift jibs are a life saver for anyone who needs to lift cargo into difficult-to-reach areas. They are expensive, but the costs are easily worth it if you need to complete jobs that would otherwise be impossible. Whether you get a pivoting or a telescoping forklift, with a jib you will find that you can complete a much wider range of lifting tasks.

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