No Dock? Create Your Own with a Forklift Loading Platform!

In most busy operations, deliveries are routine. The delivery truck backs up to the dock, the vehicle’s overhead door is rolled up, and the pallets or products are transferred to the business via a forklift, power jack, or manual jack.

But what about operations where there is no dock available? Or when deliveries are made to a remote location? How can the materials be safely removed from the truck without risking damage or injury, especially if the truck doesn’t have a hydraulic lift gate?

One way would be to manually unpack the pallet and transport the delivery by hand, package by package. But this is both time-consuming and back-breaking. There’s got to be a better way!

Forklift Portable Loading Platform Attachment

Fortunately, there is. A forklift attachment called a portable loading platform is all you really need. When you have one of these handy forklift attachments, you never have to worry about dropping or hand-loading the delivery.

Forklift platform attachments have sleeves that fit over the lift truck’s forks. Attached to them is a flat surface that can be raised or lowered by the forklift operator as needed.

With portable loading platform forklift attachment, pallets and other deliveries can be rolled directly from the truck bed onto this flat surface, then lowered to the ground by the driver using the forklift’s hydraulics and mast.

They come in a variety of sizes and weight capacities so you can choose the model that best fits your business’s specific needs.

Safe and Secure Deliveries

Many portable loading platforms feature tie-down rings, guard rails, or other safety features that can be used to prevent the load from shifting or falling. This allows even the heaviest, bulkiest, and odd-shaped loads to be lowered and even moved without fear of breakage or injury to pedestrians nearby.

In addition to being safe, portable loading platform forklift attachments are also fast. They can help speed up operations even when there is no dock on site. And when dock and warehouse operations are at peak demand, a portable loading platform gives you the option to keep loading and unloading even if all of your operation’s dock bays are in use. It’s like adding a whole other dock bay.

And when things calm down, the forklift loading platform can be safely and conveniently stored in an out of the way corner until it’s needed next.

Safe, fast, and convenient, portable loading platform forklift attachments are the perfect addition to practically any operation.

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