New Entry Bar Safety Switch Wins the Crown for Safe Forklift Operation

An innovative new safety feature on the Crown WT 3040 rider-powered pallet truck has been recognized for innovation by an international group trade panel.

One of the most common accidents in warehouses, work yards, or other areas where lift equipment is used is rushing injuries to the foot. Operators sometimes fail to keep their feet within the confines of the vehicle. This can pose a serious hazard in an area where there are heavy-duty, fast-moving pieces of equipment constantly on the go within a confined space.

Crown’s patented new safety feature acts as a kill switch if both the operator’s feet are not within the confines of the lift truck. It’s triggered by a bar that is integrated into the leading edge of the fixed platform. If the operator’s foot depresses the switch, the truck will stop immediately, so the Crown WT 3040 will not move unless both feet are properly situated inside the truck. It also will sound an alarm.

The feature, along with Crown’s presence pedal and dual-foot floorboard, helps reduce the chance of operator injury, cutting down on lost work time and workmen’s compensation claims. By ensuring that the driver is always inside the operating compartment, the entry bar also enhances confidence and leads to greater productivity.

The design was recently recognized with the prestigious Design for Safety Award by the British Industrial Truck Association (BITA). It was presented at the 2013 IMHX trade show held in April in Birmingham, England, UK. The group determined that the Entry Bar Safety Switch — which currently is available on all of Crown’s WT 3000 series pallet trucks — made a “measurable contribution to improving safety awareness.” The Entry Bar Safety Switch also is used on Crown’s PR 4500, RC 5500, RD 57000, and RR 5700 series lift equipment.

As one of the largest materials handling companies in the world, Crown Equipment offers a wide variety of forklifts, as well as automation and fleet management technologies. The company has been recognized for its commitment to safety and enjoys one of the top reputations for product design, engineering, and integrated manufacturing processes. The company is headquartered in New Bremen, Ohio, but has regional offices in Germany, Australia, China, and Singapore.

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