The Forklift Dome Mirror

9" Forklift Dome Mirror

Visibility is always a challenge when it comes to operating a forklift. Not only is there cargo in the front, but the interior is stiff, but many forklifts do not have rear view mirrors. It’s also worth noting that no matter how securely you’ve loaded your lift truck, the forklift is an inherently unwieldy vehicle and every situation should be handled with caution. When driving a car, you can usually rely on warning sounds to keep you safe, such as a car horn or a police siren. However, at the work site, it’s often so noisy that sound is not able to provide much assistance; ultimately, you really need a safety device that will allow you enhanced visibility. For these reasons, the forklift dome mirror is an invaluable product that enhances workplace safety and will make it that much easier to drive in reverse.

The forklift dome mirror (which was briefly touched upon in an earlier post), is lightweight but covers a full 9 inches, giving you a 180 degree view of your rear surroundings. It is easy to mount and the 3M 2-sided tape makes it so that the installation process usually takes just a matter of seconds. There is also the option of purchasing the mirror with a magnetic arm, giving you added versatility.

One note is that even with the dome mirror, rear visibility is a serious issue. It’s a good idea to designate driving lanes (one for each direction), the same as there would be if you were driving a car. Most forklift accidents are preventable, and having a good mirror will avert disaster before it strikes.

The forklift dome mirror should be used as a substitute for looking over your shoulder or following basic safety procedure. However, with a vehicle as cumbersome as a forklift, blind spots have traditionally been a major obstacle, and the forklift dome mirror goes a long way towards ensuring that you will be aware of obstacles that would have previously been out of sight.

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