Meet the Biggest Telehandler in the World!

Worlds Largest telehandler

Photo courtesy of Manitou Southern Africa

The world’s largest telehandler was unveiled last month at a mining industry trade show in South Africa.

The MHT 14350-S stands 46 feet tall, has the capacity to life up to 40 tons and is powered by a 7.2 liter Mercedes-Benz engine. It was first introduced at the Electra Mining Africa trade show, which was held September 15 to 19 at the Nasrec Expo Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Heavy Payload Capacity

The vehicle is being manufactured by Manitou Southern Africa, a subsidiary of the construction equipment maker Manitou, which is based in Ancenis, France. The enormous telehandler was designed to be used in South Africa’s mining industry, according to Jean-Philippe Herel, the product manager. Specifically, it will be used for the handling of conveyor belt reels, tire assemblies, wheel motors and other equipment in the mining sector.

“With a nominal lift capacity of 35 (European) tonnes on its 14 meter duplex turret, the Manitou MHT-X 14350 will deliver an unprecedented level of mobile handling capacity to surface mining, heavy and general logistics industries,” Herel said in a company news release.

Durable for Rugged Applications

The vehicle was designed “designed with a renewed emphasis on size for increased productivity” in heavy industrial applications, according to Herel.

Francois Piffard, Manitou’s VP for sales, said the gigantic telehandler is only the latest example of the companies ability to offer innovative solutions to the mining industry.

“The versatility of the solutions proposed by the group contributes directly to a reduction in the ‘service costs’ throughout the lift of a mining site, be it in terms of machinery maintenance, construction of infrastructure or day to day operational tasks, while at the same time improving safety and profitability,” Piffard said.

Three Other Products Unveiled

During the trade show, Manitou also unveiled three other new products for use in the mining industry.

The new Manitou scaler lets operators scale hard and soft rock from secure areas using its seven meter, 180 detree rotational turret. It can be operated using a live driver, or from up to 20 meters away using a remote control.

The scaler, which traditionally is an attachment for a telehandler, can be fitted with several different attachments. It also can be used for fitting pipes and cylinders, erecting mesh, and demolishing large rocks.

Another product that was unveiled, the Manitou Roof Bolter, is an automated drill and bolt rig attachment for telehandlers that offers maneuverability and performance in confined soft and hard rock hanging walls as low as 1.8 meters. The attachment uses a single rotating carousel head which carries six roof bolts that allows for drilling, automated epoxy injection, and bolting functions all in one single procedure.

Finally, the company unveiled its new ManiTrax Tow Tractor, a utility vehicle used for hauling, towing and transporting purposes in a wide variety of mining applications. The tow tractor features full four-wheel crab steering, which makes it ideal for use in underground, confined spaces. Unlike most other hauling vehicles, the ManiTrax positions its driver forward in the carriage to improve visibility and safety.

All three of the new products are completely fireproof.

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