Mast Tilt Indicator Helps Stabilize Loads

ForkAngles Tilt Indicator (Photo courtety of Mentor Training UK)

ForkAngles Tilt Indicator (Photo courtesy of Mentor Training UK)

Many of the newer model forklifts come with all sorts of bells and whistles, one of which is a computer-powered mast tilt indicator that tells the operator the angle of the forks at all times.

But drivers of older model forklifts are used to doing things the old-fashioned way: Either getting out of their vehicle and manually looking at their fork’s angle or asking a spotter or co-worker to tell them how they are angled.

Retrofitted Tilt Indicator

But now a company in the UK has developed a new type of forklift indicator that can be manually retrofitted to any vehicle, regardless of its make, model or how old it is.

The ForkAngles tilt indicator, from Mentor Training, allows the operator to accurately gauge when their forks are level without ever having to leave the cab of their forklift. It attaches to the forklift masts then connects to an indicator gauge in the cabin via a cable.

How It Works

The ForkAngles tilt indicator is simple: It detects the change in distance between the mast and the forklift’s body whenever the mast is tilted. Whenever the distance changes, an indicator moves up and down at operator eye level via a high-tension cable that is attached directly to the cabin and mast.

While the principle may be simple, the accuracy is precise. The ForkAngles device can detect mast tilt angles to within 0.05 degrees.

Low-Tech but High-Value

The ForkAngles tilt indicator offers a low-tech solution to a high-priority problem. When operators can’t tell whether their forks are level or tilted, it can easily lead to loads slipping off their forks, loads being dropped, and other potentially costly errors.

The ForkAngles tilt indicator also prevents the operator from having to leave the cabin as frequently, reducing inefficiency and improving forklift safety.

For forklift owners who can’t afford to buy the most technologically advanced vehicles and who have to make do with their existing equipment — but who still want their operators to know the angle of their forks without having to constantly leave their cab or ask somebody else — the ForkAngles tilt indicator provides an affordable solution.



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