Maintaining A Toyota Forklift

Toyota material handling understands that maintaining your Toyota forklift is imperative to

One of many stand up riders offered by Toyota. (Courtesy:

ensure optimum performance when in operation. The company offers a number of maintenance programs to make certain that your Toyota lift is up to snuff and prepared to take on any assignment that is given to it.

The company offers a training program that ensures that your in-house technician is skilled in caring for your fleet of Toyota forklifts.

The program includes many options in getting your technician trained. They include:

· Video training and testing
· TMHU E-Learning via the Toyota training portal.
· In class training given at various locations around the country that is sponsored by Toyota.

Training videos are available in a number of topics on DVD and can be obtained from your local Toyota forklift dealer.

Portal training permits your technician to learn about maintaining a Toyota forklift through a portal that is accessed over the Internet. This permits the technician to learn on his or the warehouse’s schedule and at your technician’s personal pace.

The classroom-training program is offered at Toyota forklift dealers. To take advantage of the program you should contact your local dealer and sign up for the course.

Local Toyota forklift dealers also offer new forklift operator training programs that include:

· Formal classroom instructions that include basic principles of a forklift.
· Driving instructions with actual hands-on driving in a warehouse environment.
· Skills evaluation

Classes also include:

· Sit down counterbalance
· Narrow aisle reach/electric pallet truck
· Attachment training
· Advanced forklift operator certification course.

The sit down counterbalance course lasts for 3 days; the narrow aisle reach/electric pallet course runs 4 days; the attachment training seminar is 2 days; and the advanced forklift operator certification course runs for 7 days.

Check with your Toyota forklift dealer for available times and dates as well as cost of the classes.



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