Job Posting: Forklift Operators Needed … in Antarctica!

If you are looking to get a job far, far away from the ordinary, a recent job posting for forklift operators could literally take you to the ends of the Earth.

Apparently, there currently is a need for forklift operators in Antarctica, according to the website, a Canadian news site that specializes in Antarctic news.

“There is a high demand for forklift drivers, forklift operators and the like within the area,” according to a May 15 posting. “The reason for this is that ships consistently are coming to the area in order to deliver goods to the stations that are permanently here for research purposes. Forklift drivers are going to find that they will spend their days moving freight from ships or planes to where the goods need to be.”

Before you fill out that job application, there are a couple of facts about Antarctica about which you should be aware:

• Although it has a mass that is approximately twice the size of Australia, it has zero permanent residents. Between 1,000 and 5,000 people reside throughout the year at research stations scattered across the continent.

• During the winter months (which are the Northern Hemisphere’s summer months) temperatures average between -112 and -130 degrees Fahrenheit. In summer (our winter), the coasts of Antarctica can reach a balmy high of 41F.

• Because of its latitude, the continent has long periods of constant darkness or constant sunlight.

• Although there are many species of penguins and other aquatic animals in Antarctica, it’s actually a desert and the most common species of life are fungi.

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