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If you have kids, then you know how popular video games have become. Players can take their turn behind the wheel of the most sophisticated racecars and race the streets of Le Mans, take control of the most sophisticated weapons known to man and battle aliens who are attempting to enslave the people of earth, confront and destroy drug cartels, and on and on.

If you are a forklift operator, then you may be surprised to learn that there are a number of video games based on operating a forklift. These simulations have proven to be a fun way for kids to learn about forklifts and could also serve as a source for a refresher course for forklift drivers looking to hone their skills.

There are actually 10 free forklift simulator apps that you may have fun with on a quiet weekend when you don’t have to guide lifts in a warehouse for real.

The eight games described here are for android devices.

Extreme Forklifting 2 from Devm Games SE allows players to customize their experience of driving a forklift in a warehouse. The player is required to pick up pallets and deliver and then drop them off at assigned locations. The game takes you to different levels of sophistication as you successfully complete an assignment.

View from the driver’s seat of a simulated forklift game. (Source)

Forklift Madness 3D Simulator from VascoGames is an intuitive venture that includes 20 levels of forklift driving challenges. You are required to lift boxes and carry them around until you reach the right drop off area. You will probably be most impressed with the serious 3D graphics and may believe that you’re operating your forklift at work. The game includes real-life like parking situations.

3D Forklift Parking Simulator from Zojira Studio Games requires you to transport crates and then drop them off and then seek a place where you have to park the lift. The visuals add to the adventure by offering a multitude of camera views. The game also provides a number of steering options and encourages you to face 10 levels of challenges, each more difficult than the last.

Grand Forklift Simulator from Pulsar Gamesoft offers a realistic presentation of what it’s like to drive a forklift. You guide the lift through a large work environment lifting cargo and transporting and dropping it off at assigned zones. There are a number of forklift models to choose from for your driving adventure and there are different forms of loads to carry. It also provides you with challenges based on real-life physics.

Extreme Forklift Driving 3D from Game Town Studio requires you to pick up boxes, transport them, and then drop them off at assigned points without letting the load tip. The challenge of the game is to maintain the balance of the load. There are 15 missions to complete and the game includes real physics principles you need to control.

Forklift from iPlay Studio actually attempts to teach how to drive and park a forklift. It includes 20 realistic scenarios that permit you to practice specific forklift driving skills. Each scenario must be completed within a specific time frame.

Forklift Simulator Extreme from Goblinfish merges a simulation with an arcade game. You drive the lift through a construction site and can compete in 30 different levels of challenges.

Heavy Forklift Simulator 3D from MobileHero calls for you to drive a heavy forklift and carry different cargo to assigned areas. It features a 3D environment that depicts a very large warehouse.


*Although simulators do assist, proper forklift operator safety training courses available from some forklift dealers is the only way to be certified.

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