Forklift Weather Protectors, the Best Outdoor Forklift Accessories

Overhead Guard Rain Shield

Forklift Canopy

Are your operators using a forklift outdoors often? If they are, then you should consider a forklift canopy. When it comes to protecting your forklift drivers outdoors, this is one of the most popular of all outdoor forklift accessories available, as it protects forklift drivers from the many dangers of Mother Nature.  Having a forklift canopy can help provide a positive emphasis on the importance of forklift safety, as it shows concern for protecting the operator.  When operators are required to work in the scorching heat or rain, the forklift canopy helps keep the forklift operator protected, thereby allowing them to focus more on driving.

While it is made to protect forklift operators outside, the canopy can still be used indoors without any problem. Depending on the needed purpose, you can purchase a forklift canopy that completely covers the driver when operating the forklift, or a canopy that covers the top of the forklift only.

What they can Protect

Forklift canopy helps protect the driver from the any severe weather climates. this includes rain, sun rays, as well as wind. Keeping your forklift operators safe against harmful weather is the entire purpose of installing a forklift canopy.  This is why they are such a popular product, as they show concern towards wanting to protect forklift operators when they are working outdoors.

Material Used:

Polycarbonate Clear Cap

The most common material these are made from is durable vinyl plastic, they often come in a variety of sizes, allowing them to fit onto most forklift trucks on the market today. The durable vinyl plastic is a top choice for material, as it provides clear vision, even when it is raining.


Installation is very simplistic, as the canopy wraps around the top and bottom areas of the forklift. No tools are usually required; however, this will depend on the brand and model purchased.  Having an extra person’s assistance to install the forklift canopy on the opposite side of the forklift is helpful.  The easy-to-follow instructions—along with the simplicity of installing the canopy allows most to install the canopy without any problems.

Side Doors

If you purchase a full cover canopy, it provides doors for the operator, thereby fully protecting the forklift operator from harmful weather. After the canopy is installed, there will be at least one side door. The door simply rolls up and is tied at the top of the canopy when it needs to be out of the way.  Once you are ready to close the door, simply unroll it back down and follow the canopy’s instructions on fastening the door shut.


The temperature a forklift canopy can handle will vary, but can usually work in weather as low as negative 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Because the canopies sole purpose is weather protection, they are capable of enduring the toughest of bad weather, thereby allowing the driver to be safe from harmful weather environments.


Businesses using forklifts often outside should consider purchasing a canopy for a forklift, as it provides additional forklift safety for the operator. A forklift canopy is one of the most popular outdoor forklift accessories sold today. While there are a wide variety of forklift canopies on the market, you can go here to view our solar canopy which helps keep forklift operators safe from the dangerous sun rays.

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