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Forklift Crane Scale Saves Time, Increases Productivity

Forklift Crane Scale

The weight of a pallet or load is important for businesses that use forklifts. Not only do drivers need to know if the load exceeds the vehicle’s lifting capacity, but load weight is also used to calculate freight charges, cargo arrangements, and other critical information.

Customers and clients need accurate information about the weight of the products they are getting. And business owners need to ensure vendors are providing the right weights for the products they receive.

All of this data is provided by one simple tool: A scale. But using a dock scale or scale platform takes time and effort, both of which most businesses don’t have. The solution? A forklift crane scale that can save both time and money.

Benefits of Forklift Crane Scales

Forklift crane scales allow operators to weigh their loads while they are still attached to the forklift. They also offer the mobility of moving a highly accurate scale from one location to another so forklifts can weigh multiple loads quickly and efficiently.

Driving a pallet or load to a dock scale or scale platform, dropping onto the scale surface, disengaging it from the vehicle, measuring its weight, then repeating the entire process in reverse for every load takes a lot of time. But these same measurements can be performed in just a few seconds with the use of a forklift crane scale, enabling the load to be scaled, recorded, and transported to its destination without missing a beat.

Fast-Paced Measurements

Forklift crane scales provide fast, but accurate, information about pallet and payload weights that can be instantly used to calculate freight charges and other essential information. They also let drivers know right away if payloads are above their vehicle’s lifting capacity, reducing the risk of injury or accidents.

Drivers also will know right away which loads can be stored on shelving or racks and which need to be placed directly on the ground. Plus, forklift crane scales can reduce the wear and tear on your forklifts, increasing their usable life and reducing your materials handling costs.

Highly accurate forklift crane scales feature battery-powered, easy-to-read LED displays that can be clearly seen from a distance, allowing drivers or dock workers to record payload weights quickly and accurately. Many also can measure in both pounds and kilograms, providing instant conversions for international shipping.

If you want to save time, increase productivity, while ensuring the accuracy of your freight costs, consider adding a forklift crane scale to your inventory of useful forklift accessories and attachments.


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