Forklift Attachments Turn Your Forklift into a Swiss Army Knife

Generations of Americans received their first Swiss Army Knives for Christmas and discovered how versatile they are. While no tool on a Swiss Army knife is quite as useful as its stand-alone equivalent, they all come in handy and you can’t do better for the money.

forklift attachmentsForklift attachments turn your forklift into something very much like a Swiss Army Knife. Like the scissors or screwdriver on the knife, forklift attachments like boom attachments and work platforms aren’t designed to replace cranes and aerial lifts, but they are perfect for the warehouse, factory or job site when expensive stand-alone equipment isn’t required.

If you’ve ever taken your Swiss Army Knife with you on a camping or fishing trip, you’ve probably found yourself using it a lot more than you thought you would. Didn’t that can opener come in handy when you needed it? Weren’t you glad you had it in your pocket when your fishing line got tangled?

That’s the sort of thing that happens with forklift attachments. A ceiling light bulb goes out. Replacing it can be such a headache, you keep putting it off. If you have a folding work platform tucked away, though, the job can be safely done in a matter of minutes. You’ll find so many uses for your forklift boom, you’ll wonder why you didn’t buy one earlier.

Some other forklift attachments that can turn your forklift into a Swiss Army Knife include:

You’ll probably use the sweeper attachment every day. The others, maybe not so often, but you’ll appreciate having them handy when you do need them.

The Ultimate Swiss Army Knife

The ultimate Swiss Army Knife. Click image for source story on

Are forklift attachments not enough for you? Do you want an all-purpose vehicle? Well, if you can afford it, get yourself a Terrier combat engineer vehicle. This little baby has been called the Swiss Army Knife of the Battlefield. It looks a lot like a tank, but comes with a bucket and excavator and has attachments that can turn it into a forklift, a drill and a heavy lifter. Even better, it can be remote controlled.

The downside to the Terrier for the average (or even larger than average) workplace is that it weighs 32 tons and definitely wouldn’t replace a narrow aisle forklift. Unlike your forklift attachments, it will probably take a long time to pay for itself, too, and you probably won’t need to use the machine gun that comes as a standard accessory.

Come to think of it, you’ll probably get a lot more use out of forklift attachments than you’d get from a Terrier. Just goes to show that having the biggest and most expensive isn’t always the best idea. Sometimes a Swiss Army Knife is perfect.

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