Forklift Air Suspension Seats Offer Safety, Comfort, and Stability

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Most forklift drivers are familiar with lower back pain. Even though many operators sit behind the wheel of their vehicle for much of their workday, the constant bouncing, jarring, stopping, and starting can quickly take its toll on their back muscles, as well as their butt, legs, and neck.

For some operators, getting into the cockpit of their forklift is an exercise in pain. But a special type of forklift replacement seat known as an air-suspension seat can help alleviate the abuse their forklift puts on the operator’s body.

Standard vs Air Suspension Forklift Seats

Most forklifts come from the factory fitted with mechanical suspension seats. Essentially, the only thing protecting drivers from the constant bouncing that comes with driving their forklift are a few springs and maybe some foam padding.

But air suspension seats are aftermarket replacement parts that offer more protection from the sock and vibration that can lead to back pain and other work-related injuries for forklift operators. They feature shock absorbers that can be adjusted to account for different sizes and weights, providing a smoother ride even on forklifts operating on rough or uneven terrain.

Air suspension forklift replacement seats also have suspension rollers that decrease the friction caused by the constant stopping and starting of forklifts while on the job.

The result is a smoother, more comfortable ride for forklift operators, especially during long, uninterrupted shifts behind the wheel of their vehicle.

Minimize Injuries, Maximize Productivity

Work-related injuries are one of the biggest causes of worker call-offs. They can even add to employee turnover and have a negative impact on job satisfaction.

Replacing your existing forklift seats with air suspension seats can help minimize work-related injuries for forklift operators, including back pain, fatigue, herniate discs, hip replacement, and scoliosis.

Buying air suspension seats may actually save your business money on injury-related costs. They can even pay for themselves over time.

Plus, because your forklift operators will be more comfortable, they can spend more time “in the saddle” without having to worry about pain from injuries. And happier workers are more productive workers. offers a wide variety of air suspension forklift replacement seats that can fit practically any make or model of forklift.

Don’t expose your forklift operators to potential work-related injuries a moment longer. Get air suspension forklift replacement seats for your current fleet so your drivers can work longer, stay safer, and be more productive.

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