Fork Positioners Add Versatility to Any Forklift

Fork Positioner. (Courtesy: TVH Americas)

Fork Positioner.
(Courtesy: TVH Americas)

Fork positioners are one of the most popular forklift attachments used in docks, warehouses, and other businesses today because they can make any forklift more versatile.

Fork positioners allow the forks on any forklift to be moved closer or further away from each other. The benefit of this is that the operator can handle a wider variety of sizes of pallets.

Operators also can handle odd-sized objects faster and more efficiently without having to get out of the cab as often.  This can improve productivity and speed up operations.

Stay in the Saddle Longer

Every time a forklift driver has to climb out of his or her cab to manually adjust the fork spread for a different sized load, it slows down operations. Repeat this process several or dozens of times during a shift and it can have a significant effect on workplace productivity.

Jumping in and out of the cab all the time isn’t just inefficient. It’s also dangerous. Not only is there the risk of the operator being struck by another vehicle or injuring himself or herself in a fall, but there’s also the additional ergonomic stress that is put on the body. Back pain, joint pain, and other work-related injuries are more frequent the more physical activities the operator is required to perform.

Reduce Damage

Fork positioners greatly improve load handling times while at the same time helping to conserve fuel, truck wear, and even damage to pallets and products. Fork positioners help ensure a forklift’s forks are always in the ideal position for the load being handled.

Quick and  Easy to Install

Most modern fork positioners can be installed in just a few minutes without the use of welding. Depending on the model you choose, you can attach the fork position using hook-on style forks, bolt-on forks, and weighing forks that can measure the weight of a load.

There are even fork positioners that can be used with telescopic forks. And fork positioners that are going to be used to work with heavier loads can be fitted with heavy duty load backrests to help stabilize oversized or overweight loads.

Various Opening Ranges

With fork positioners, the width of the forks on the forklift become variable. Fork positioners are available to suit most nearly every type of operation, including narrow aisle, zero closing units, extra wide opening units that extend far beyond the width of the truck, and more.


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