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Forklift Sweeper Attachment

Sweeper attachments are an essential part of maintaining the debris and dirt that accumulates within your warehouse and dock areas. Like all forklift attachments, it further expands the use of a forklift.

There are a plethora of accessory attachments that can be used to expand the capability of a forklift. One of the most important is the forklift sweeper. A forklift sweeper is an attachment that is designed to sweep debris from warehouse and dock floors as well as parking lots, construction sites and other areas that have a floor.

What follows are some frequently asked questions concerning forklift sweepers. It is hoped that the answers will enlighten you as to the practicality of this accessory.

Q: What is a forklift sweeper?
A: A forklift sweeper is an attachment that is designed to sweep debris from warehouse and dock floors and other areas that have a floor as well as a parking lot, and construction site.

Q: Should the sweeper be used as is?
A: It can be used as is or it can be used with wet or dry material.

Q: Can a sweeper do anything else other than sweep?
A: The sweeper can also squeeze water and push snow.

Q: How is it attached to the forklift?
A: The sweeper includes 7-1/4-inch deep x 5-inch wide x 2-inch high fork pockets. The forks of the forklift slide into the sweeper’s fork pockets and secured by locking screws.

Q: Is there anything on the sweeper that assist forklift operators to contain debris and see where the sweeper is in relationship to the debris?
A: The sweeper includes debris containment ends as well as edge markers so that the driver can see exactly where the sweeper is located.

Q: If the original brushes wear out, is there a way I can exchange them for a new brush?
A: There are replacement brushes available. They are designed to slide into the existing broom track of the sweeper.

Q: Do brushes come in different sizes?
A: Depending on the model, the brush can have five rows of 8-inch bristles in a one-piece solid aircraft extruded aluminum frame for light-duty work. There is also a brush that includes eight rows of 11-1/2-inch bristles in a 10 gauge steel frame for heavy-duty work indoors or outdoors.

Q: Are there accessories available for the sweeper?
A: There is an optional magnetic bar sweeper broom attachment that hangs from the broom that features up to a 5-inch ground clearance and is ideal for picking up dangerous metal debris including nails and screws. There is also a 60-inch wide dust mop attachment.

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