Collapsible Forklift Designed to Fit Under Truck

You probably have seen truck-mounted forklifts that can be attached to the rear of a truck. And bigger forklifts that ride on the bed of a truck.

But now there’s a futuristic new forklift that is actually collapsible and is designed to fit underneath a truck.

Introducing the Palfinger Crayler BM 214.

This unusual, futuristic forklift is radio controlled via a remote control device. It features an agile articulated steering system and compact external dimensions. It has a lifting height of 9.3 feet and requires a very short set-up time — less than 30 seconds — before it can be put into use.

Diesel Powered and Versatile

It is powered by a three-cylinder, 34 horsepower diesel engine that also feeds its hydraulic system, and it has a lifting capacity of up to 4,600 lbs. It features an articulated steering system that allows it to move with the dexterity of a go kart, although its top speed is only 4 mph.

The collapsible forklift has the ability to climb and descend steep inclines.

When it is ready to be transported, the Crayler forklift is parked in a compact box that is 95 inches long, 77 inches wide, and 32 inches tall. The box is mounted vertically beneath the frame of an articulated truck, keeping the vehicle safe from theft without blocking ramp access to the truck’s rear door.

Made in Austria and Used throughout Europe

The collapsible forklift is manufactured by Palfinger, an Austrian company that makes cranes, hydraulic lifting, loading and and handling systems.

Despite the fact that the forklift can be broken down flat, it has no restrictions on maneuverability or its ability to load or unload. It comes with two forks, just like an ordinary forklift, but also can accommodate forklift attachments such as carpet roll mandrels.

The vehicle weighs 3,858 lbs, most of which is in the counterweight attached to its rear side.

Used by Belgian Carpet Company

One company currently using the Palfinger Crayler is KTO, a Belgium carpet and floor covering company.

In Europe, consumers are moving away from wall-to-wall carpeting in their homes and are turning more frequently to quarry tile, parquet floorings or laminate. In the past KTO, used standard forklifts to move capet rolls between its distribution centers in Germany, France and Austria.

Workers would then unload the heavy carpet loads manually from their trucks. But eventually, they began to use the remote-operated Palfinger Crayler that could be loaded underneath the trucks and carried from location to location.

The collapsible forklift also is used by KTO to move pallets of laminate, parquet flooring and other floor covering materials.


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