Advanced Techniques for Forklift Snowplow Attachments

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Winter is in full swing. And if the sub-zero Arctic blast that chilled most of the country is any indication, it’s going to go on for a while longer — despite what the groundhog says.

If you already have a snowplow forklift attachment, it likely has been working overtime this winter. Snowplow attachments are convenient for clearing small areas such as docks, sidewalks, and small parking lots. Bigger jobs such as streets, parking decks, and larger surface areas require heavier machinery, such as a dedicated snow plow.

Still, investing in a snowplow forklift attachment can pay huge dividends when winters are rough, such as this year. You may already know the basics of using a snowplow forklift attachment. But here are some advanced techniques that can help you get the most from your investment.

Forklift Snowplow Attachment

Your forklift snowplow attachment fits either directly onto the mast of your forklift, or has sleeves that fit over the forks. In either case, it harnesses the power of your forklift to push snow from flat surfaces. But it also can be used for other purposes.

Standing water, ice, and even spilled product such as grains or debris can be moved with your forklift snowplow attachment as well as snow. Using the hydraulics already on your forklift, you can raise or lower the snowplow forklift attachment to whatever height is most convenient for the job at hand.

If there is ice frozen to the surface or your dock, or standing water in your parking lot after a heavy spring rain, the forklift snowplow attachment can be lowered so that its bottom edge is parallel with the pavement. Then simply move the vehicle forward using a steady speed to quickly and conveniently remove the unwanted water, ice, or material.

Other Uses

In addition to removing materials, the forklift snowplow attachment also can be used to spread materials. For example, once you use your attachment to remove snow and ice, you may want to add salt to the road surface to prevent it from freezing again and to remove the threat of slips and falls.

Spreading the salt by hand is a slow and cumbersome process. If you don’t already have a salt spreader, your forklift snowplow can speed up the process. Simply pour the salt into a series of piles on the surface area you want to treat, then use the attachment to push the salt or de-icing agent over a larger surface area in just minutes.

Snowplow forklift attachments pay big dividends in heavy winters like this one. If you don’t already have one, find the snowplow forklift attachment and other forklift attachments that can improve the efficiency of your business at


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