A Clean Workplace Is a Safer Workplace

Magnetic sweeper (Courtesy: Bunting Magnetics Europe at flickr.com)

A magnetic sweeper attachment on a forklift.
(Courtesy: Bunting Magnetics Europe at flickr.com

The US economy is roaring. The jobless rate in America is the lowest it’s been in 50 years. So many US businesses are experiencing business levels that haven’t been seen in decades.

As any successful business owner can tell you, when operations are going at full speed, it’s often difficult to keep up with the workload, let alone clean up after yourself as you go.

Yet keeping your workspace clean will not only make your business even more productive and profitable but also will help keep your workers safer and reduce the risk of workplace accidents.

A Clean Approach

A lot of companies will clean their work floors when it is most convenient. Usually, this means overnight when most of the other workers are gone. But what happens when high business demands require you to keep your shop going three shifts?

When businesses are operating around the clock — as many are right now to keep up with unprecedented demand — there is no downtime for cleaning crews to come in and do their job.

High business demand requires a different approach on practically every level. One solution is to use your existing equipment to clean your workplace as you go.

Forklifts can be equipped with sweeper attachments, magnetic pickup attachments, hoppers, and other tools that can help you keep your work areas neat and orderly even if your operations are working at maximum capacity. They don’t require you to buy new cleaning equipment. Instead, they let you use the equipment capital you already have invested to help make your operations even more productive.

No Slowing Down

You never know how long the boom times are going to last. So businesses have the responsibility to make hay when the sun shines. In other words, the extremely busy business levels many businesses are enjoying right now probably won’t last forever. So it’s up to you to do as much as you can to take advantage of them while they last.

One of the best ways to do this is to use your existing equipment to make your business run smarter and better. Forklift attachments such as sweepers, magnets, and hoppers let you maximize your existing tools while minimizing the effect cleaning has on your operations.

Forklift attachments such as hoppers, sweepers, and magnets let you clean as you go with minimal disruption to your operations while also making the most of your current equipment.

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