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Forklift Training Materials and Videos

All personnel who operate forklifts are required to read and understand forklift training materials that meet OSHA standards. Before they can assume the duties of a forklift operator, they must obtain OSHA certification. Because ForkliftAccessories is in the business of forklifts, we feel it is our responsibility to offer these forklift training materials to our customers.

 Ultimate forklift training package

Forklifts are deceptively easy to operate and unskilled operators may think they are ready to take on their duties before they have studied their forklift training materials. This is a very dangerous mistake, because while learning the basic operation of a forklift is easy, forklift safety is not. Just some of the forklift training materials in our catalog include:


For the most comprehensive forklift training materials, there is also the Ultimate Lift Truck Training Package. This package includes all the forklift safety videos and other training materials your forklift operators need to ensure they are fully educated about forklift operation and safety.


Even experienced forklift operators, foremen, managers and other responsible staff should study these forklift training materials. Only then can they assess whether or not forklift operators are adhering to the high safety standards outlined in these forklift training materials.


In addition to forklift training materials, ForkliftAccessories offers many forklift and facility safety accessories. To ensure maximum workplace safety, you cannot have too many safety accessories or read too many forklift training materials. Safety is everyone's primary responsibility.