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Forklift Battery Accessories

ForkliftAccessories specializes in all forklift accessories, including forklift battery accessories. It goes without saying that without strong batteries, forklifts could not operate. These batteries can weigh up to 3000 lbs or more, while even the lightest weight batteries can weigh 500 lbs or more. In order to replace or maintain batteries of this size and weight, forklift battery accessories are needed.

forklift roller battery standThere are a number of battery accessories available for removing and transporting batteries. The simplest of these battery accessories are battery roller stands. These are simply conveyor type rollers on casters. Some of them also come with hand-cranked battery removal devices that make removing batteries easier. While these battery accessories are adequate for smaller batteries, larger batteries require heavier duty forklift or transfer platform battery accessories. 

In busy workplaces, batteries need frequent recharging and regular maintenance checks. There are a number of battery accessories that make recharging and maintenance easier. If you are in charge of a fleet of forklifts, battery maintenance becomes an almost daily job. Battery extractors, gantries and other battery handling battery accessories are available for everything from a small fleet of forklifts to the largest warehouse fleet.


emergency eye wash stationAn important forklift safety product included in our inventory is the battery acid spill kit. No workplace that frequently handles batteries should be without at least one of these. Combined with a low cost automatic watering system, battery maintenance becomes fast, efficient and, most importantly, safe. If an accident does occur, having an emergency eye wash station nearby can help prevent the accident from becoming a serious one.

Battery accessories are among the most important products Forklift Accessories sells. After all, without batteries and the forklift battery accessories that keep the forklift running, our hundreds of other forklift accessories could not do their job!