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Facility Safety Accessories

Forklift safety accessories are an important part of the ForkliftAccessories catalog. We include a number of low cost safety accessories that no workplace should go without.

The most basic facility safety accessories include protective clothing. Protective clothing includes reflective safety vests, breathing devices, eyewear, hats, gloves and other clothing that protects workers from injury or contamination.

reflective safety vests for facility safetyOther forklift safety products include inexpensive yet potentially life saving products. Some of them include: multi-use lockout boxes and tags that prevent accidental use of forklifts, gas cylinders and other equipment that is in need of repair; a carbon monoxide detector that warns of excessive levels of carbon monoxide before they become a danger; and a safety harness and lanyard that prevents falling while allowing freedom of movement to workers.

propane cylincer exchange training programPropane safety is of paramount importance in any workplace. An inexpensive tub of leak detection compound can help you discover potential problems before they occur and cylinder lock-out tags will ensure damaged propane cylinders aren't accidentally used. These are just two of the propane safety products available on forkliftaccessories.com, but perhaps the most important one is the Propane Cylinder Exchange Training program. This program includes everything you need to train your staff in the safe handling of propane cylinders.

Facility Safety Signs

Not to be forgotten in any warehouse or industrial setting are safety signs. In their busy working days, forklift operators and other workers need constant safety reminders. Low cost, highly visible safety signs can't be missed and can make all the difference in the prevention of accidents.

Is there something missing here that you need? Check out all the categories of safety products here on forkliftaccessories.com. Don't forget, too, that all of the forklift attachments offered here are manufactured with safety uppermost in mind. If you have an older forklift, for example, a forklift replacement seat and seatbelt can greatly enhance an operator's comfort, safety and efficiency.