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Forklift accessories are the most cost efficient way to increase your forklift's productivity, improve safety and upgrade your forklifts. The right accessory can transform an ordinary forklift into a multi-purpose workhorse that can handle innumerable jobs your lift truck would otherwise be unable to do. New and used lift trucks are often not fitted with all the safety accessories they need to ensure that you have an accident-free workplace. Older forklifts often have worn out or ergonomically unsound seats and require forklift replacement seats. We have gathered together all the best products on the market and put them together here on our web pages.


There are three reasons why we believe you needn't look further than for all your needs:





We have the largest selection of forklift accessories you will find anywhere on the net. Just take a look at the numbers of categories on our sidebar. We have over a dozen main categories and each of these is divided further into many subcategories. Click on any one of them and you will find dozens of products to choose from. Take our forklift attachments, for instance. There are nearly two dozen attachments you can find under that heading alone. These include items like self dumping hoppers; carpet poles and coil rams; forklift booms; and replacement forks and fork extensions. Each of these inexpensive products can greatly enhance your forklift's productivity.

Forklift Accessories




Forklift Accessories is the outgrowth of over forty years experience in the materials handling business. Established in 1966, Bahrns Materials Handling Equipment and Warehouse Supplies has grown into one of Central Illinois' largest and most respected materials handling equipment companies. The lift truck accessories chosen for this site are not just a random assortment of products. They are a hand-picked selection of items that have withstood the test of time and proven to be invaluable aids to workplace productivity and safety.


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Bahrns Equipment has always operated on the principle that service comes first. Over the years, when a client has needed something, Bahrns has gone out of its way to find just exactly what they needed for them. Many of Bahrns' staff have been with the company for decades and know everything there is to know about material handling. Our knowledge of the industry combined with our dedication to delivering the highest level of service combine to make the professional's choice for forklift attachments and accessories.




Our website is a reflection of the fact that we always strive to offer the best service to our valued customers. Today, online is rapidly becoming the preferred way to purchase anything. In order to ensure our customers get the kind of service and expertise they need, we have created a website that is easily navigable and includes product descriptions and articles to help make your decision easier. We have not forgotten the personal touch, either. If you have any questions about any of our forklift accessories, forklift attachments or forklift parts, we are always here to help you.

Here's a special sneak preview of some of what you will find on this week's Forklift Accessories blog: 

- Forklifts and pedestrians shouldn't be in the same place at the same time. That's an expensive lesson learned by the operators of a kiwi warehouse in New Zealand this month. We'll tell you what happened ... and what were the consequences!
- A freak accident involving a work platform attachment for a forklift has left the owner of a Tennessee racetrack fighting for his life. We'll give you the details.

All this and much more can be found this week on the Forklift Accessories blog -, so stay tuned!